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What Is A Criminal Defense Lawyer?  

A criminal lawyer is responsible for defending his client who is charged with doing a certain crime. He is who fulfills all the responsibility during the criminal case. He will speak on the behalf of the person. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, we recommend Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers P.C. https://www.pittsburgh-injury-lawyers.com. Contact them today for a free consultation!

Process of handling a case: 

Charging a case: 

The process of handling such a case needs prior concentration and experience. A person who is arrested by police for a crime may contact a criminal defense lawyer. In many cases, the local, state, or federal court itself provides a lawyer to the person. They are known as defender lawyers who are paid by the public defender office. Private firms hired some defense lawyers for their criminal cases. Some defense lawyers have independent offices where they work by themselves. It is also a known fact that public defenders were paid less compare to private lawyers. However, the workload of public defenders is more than that of private lawyers due to the referral process and the payment coming from the client other than the defendant. Sometime courts may hire private lawyers for any specific case.  

First meeting with the Client 

Once the court has appointed a lawyer to the client, our criminal lawyers have an opportunity to meet with the client. We will try to get as many details about the incident. We will ask specific questions about the case and try to find out the strong and weak points of the case. We prepare a possible questionnaire to be asked to the defendant and note the information to make the case strong and relevant.  

Case investigation: 

After asking all the relevant questions to the client, our next work is to go further into the investigation. We look at all the possible avenues of the defendant. We questioned local police about the procedure that linked with the case. We also interrogate all the available witness who is there on the site of incident for gathering information about the case. All this information was gathered to make the case strong. If the case is witnessed by an expert, then our criminal lawyer may interview him for any evidence or testimony that he or she can provide in court during the hearing of the case.  

Note: Our lawyer has full right to review the prosecution’s case before submitting it to the final jury. This allows our lawyer to find any loophole in the prosecution’s case and plan accordingly to refute all the evidence against the prosecutor’s case. He can do this by hiring any personal lab or expert to test all pieces of evidence. 

Analyzing of Evidence 

Our lawyers analyze the shreds of evidence independently. They thoroughly study all the pieces of evidence, facts, and theories. They also examined the evidence to govern if there any legal theories that work against the judgment of his or her client.  

Continuous contact with the client:

Our criminal lawyers will continue to contact their clients. They maintain communication with the client and regularly update about the preceding. They also make all the conversations confidential. The lawyers will ensure that the client must know all the relevant information as it will help them better understanding and consequences of the case.  

Selection of Jury member

A criminal lawyer may assist while selecting jury members. We normally try to remove the juniors from the jury as they may manipulate the case or give a verdict against the case. 

Plea bargaining :

DUI Attorney may talk about the status of the case and try to negotiate with the prosecutor for any specific plea-bargaining. Our Criminal lawyer will try securing a favorable deal for the defendants, which will ultimately, reduce the charge or the possible punishment for his deed.  

Trail participation:

Our lawyers will fight for their clients during the trial. They examine all the possible evidence, witness, and cross-examines the state’s witness, and tries to convince his client is not guilty for hid deed. They also try to prove that the prosecution is unable to show sufficient proof against his client.  


After all the procedure, if the client is proved guilty for the crime or accept plea-bargain or convicted by judge or jury, our lawyer can speak for the defendant during the sentencing phase. We will try to convince the judge or jury member to limit the time interval that the person served and discuss possible substitutes for imprisonment. 


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